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“Гостиный двор”, Перинная линия, 2 этаж
Арт-Артель "Алекс" является изготовителем восковых фигур для России и стран ближнего и дальнего зарубежья. Цель сайта рассказать как изготавливаются фигуры, над чем мы работаем. Для тех кто хочет открыть собственный музей или выставку, оформить интерьер или парк отдыха, мы предлагаем различные варианты сотрудничества.

Rent of figures

Our competitive advantage is in what we provide to our partners and tenants:

 1. The strong and wearproof figures created on anti-vandal technologies.

 It allows to work in poorly used rooms and territories: cellars, attics, under canopies, awnings, in hangars and pavilions, on balconies, open park and street areas and also in small rooms, using differently-level compact placement of figures.

2. A wide choice of characters (more than 570) on various subjects.

3. Flexible forms of cooperation and discounts.

Quantity of figures

Rent cost for a figure in a month


100 €


80 €


65  €

 The cost of customs expenses and the cultural commission is from 65 € for a figure.

                    Rent of figures with a percentage share.

Share of the museum from 25 to 30% of revenue.

                    Rent with the subsequent repayment

Rent is set off as payment of figures, the difference is paid extra by the tenant at the termination of the lease contract.

4. Sale ready and also order of new figures.

Silicone, wax, plastic figures in the existing forms of 4-10 thousand € .

The silicone, wax, plastic figures made by request of the buyer of 10-50 thousand €.

Contacts for offers: