Арт-Артель "Алекс" является изготовителем восковых фигур для России и стран ближнего и дальнего зарубежья. Цель сайта рассказать как изготавливаются фигуры, над чем мы работаем. Для тех кто хочет открыть собственный музей или выставку, оформить интерьер или парк отдыха, мы предлагаем различные варианты сотрудничества.















Hello, dear Yasmine!
Hello, dear representatives of security service web of the portal of Alibaba!
This news is placed here that you did not have doubts that the website belongs to Alex Ltd that we really exist and we are manufacturers of waxworks as and we report about it in our account.
  Here you will be able to look at process of production of waxworks:

  This video is more than 10 years old, we one of the first began to use silicone at production of figures.
  The address of this website is registered on one of our affiliated firms, last century. Now we conduct work on reconstruction of the website, we register the com domain, and we try to create the account at you.

    We hope that our cooperation will bear fruit.
  This news will hang until decision-making here, but no more than 10 days.